How to Register on Outlook is the new web mail service from Microsoft which is essentially viewed as an upgraded version of Hotmail. Nevertheless, Microsoft has introduced the new service with new features which makes it more useful and functional. The is integrated with the Office and Windows and is able to connect to social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail. Contacts from these platforms can be synchronized with outlook.

Outlook Sign In

Microsoft has launched a new email service by the name Actually it is not a new service but an old service in a new avatar. can be stated as the newer, better and more improved version of Hotmail, introduced by Microsoft.

Microsoft has recently revamped the email services and introduced a new cloud based solution named The service is a successor of, the company that started webmail services in 1996. has been introduced with a new look and feel and it has been integrated with cloud services and Skype to enable video calling.

How to Upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook

It has been around six months that has been launched but it is amazing to see millions of people upgrading from various different services to Upgrading to is very easy no matter whether you are currently using Yahoo, Gmail or any other service. However, here is an explanation of how to upgrade from Hotmail to

Outlook for iPhone is the new email service introduced by Microsoft recently. The service offers a clear and user friendly interface which is easy to use and has many useful features. Email users can use the service either by making a new Outlook account or through their existing accounts which might be on Hotmail, MSN ID or Live. Users on these accounts can sign in to their respective accounts and get access to the new Microsoft web mail service.

Outlook for Android

Microsoft recently released its new email service, to the web users. While it has been released on the web, it is also available as an Android app. The email services of the app are certainly good. It syncs the contacts and calendar of the android device and enables the user to set the refresh frequency.